Shades Darker: One Company Bringing Beauty Exclusively to Women of Color

The Marjani Beauty Company is making waves in the beauty sphere with a collection of products curated exclusively for women of color.

As wonderfully diverse as beauty consumers are, many brands have been slow to cater to a wide range of skin tones and hair textures. The Marjani Beauty Company, which launched in January of this year however, curates products from all over the world for women of color who are often underserved in mainstream markets.

Marjani Beauty’s ethos answers the call for diversity in the beauty industry. The shop’s mission is “to create a retail experience for women of color where beauty and cosmetic products are accessible to all, no matter the shade, hair texture, age, nationality or geographical location,” as indicated on its website. 

Before products become shoppable, the team spearheads an intense vetting process to ensure the brands are in-line with what the retailer’s specific customers want and need. The team also seeks brands that abide by a similar mission of empowering women of color and dismantling beauty standards. If a brand aligns with Marjani’s ideologies, each product is tested ensuring their usability for women of color.

Marjani carries cosmetics brands like AJ Crimson, Omolewa Cosmetics, and Maréna Beauté. In addition to cosmetics, Marjani also has extensive collections of hair care, and skincare products for a range of hair and skin types.

Above all, Marjani Beauty Company strives to make beauty an accessible and empowering industry for every woman. “We aim to not just be a retailer, but a community where shopping becomes a memorable experience. Bringing international beauty and cosmetic products to the local consumer, and using this platform to empower women of color,” Kimberly Smith, CEO and founder of Marjani Beauty Company, writes on the brand’s website.

If you’re not a woman of color and deterred by the idea of shopping at an e-commerce site that is dedicated to women of color—don’t be! Marjani Beauty offers a range of lipsticks in bold shades that are universally flattering, and hydrating oils that will make all skin glow. Head to now to find the perfect product for you.