5 Female Tattoo Artists from the U.K. to Follow Now

These U.K. lassies are killing the tattoo game. Here's where to find them. 

1. Emily Malice - @emilymalice 

Emily Malice is a London-based tattoo artist of Parliament Tattoo. Her style is graphic with clean, bold lines. She has a tendency to tattoo in a very minimalistic style with almost no utilization of shading. Instead, Malice opts for line or dot work as her signature technique for creating texture and depth. On Instagram, you can find her posting photos of her work—with a few personal shots of her life sprinkled in. With nearly 130K followers, Malice is a go-to artist. For super fans, she even sells graphic tees, which are available on the Parliament Tattoo shop website.

2. Bekkie Lohr - @bekkietattoo

Though Bekkie Lohr once worked at a studio in Chicago, she is currently based out of St. Clair's Tattoo in Edinburgh, Scotland. Lohr’s traditional aesthetic often features thick line strokes and a heavy hand when it comes to shading and coloring. However, she also dabbles in more simplistic design techniques, specifically with small nature-themed flash designs like flowers and plants.


3. Harriet Hapgood - @harriettattoo

Specializing in mostly nature-themed tattoos (we're talking a wide array of butterflies, flowers, and other various foliage), Hapgood's work is made up of intricate illustrations and meticulous detailing. As a popular tattoo artist at Good Times Tattoo in London, most of her designs are done in black ink, with only a few featuring splashes of color.


4. Rebecca Vincent - @rebecca_vincent_tattoo

Bold and striking line work is standard for Rebecca Vincent’s tattoo designs. Vincent is an artist also working out of Parliament Tattoo in London. Unlike her co-worker Emily Malice, Vincent relies on shading to add intensity to each piece. Common themes throughout her artwork are animals and wildlife, including imagery of foxes and even sea creatures like giant octopuses and bold clams.


5. Mel - @mxl.tattoo

More simplistic in style, with lighter line work and more utilization of shading, Mel is a tattoo artist working out of Black Dot Tattoo in Glasgow. Her style is dynamic, ranging from simplistic designs—like a lettered ‘GRL PWR’ piece—to incredibly detailed like the two-faced wolf, pictured below.


Photo: instagram.com/mxl.tattoo

Photo: instagram.com/mxl.tattoo

Got a go-to tattoo artist in the U.K. that's not on this list? Sing their praises in the comments below!