How do you choose the destination for each issue?

It's important for us to keep our finger on the pulse of the current events in our world. Every day, a region goes through its own trials and triumphs, which can directly effect tourism and a traveler's will to experience a particular location at a particular time. We tend to cover the most buzzed-about regions to shine a spotlight on the hotspots, and find the beauty in otherwise misrepresented destinations. It is our mission to explore every country—big or small—to bring you the best in beauty across the globe.

what is the strangest beauty treatment or ingredient that you've discovered?

At Beauty Atlas, we honor and respect the many beauty traditions that have been passed down for generations across cultures. No ingredient, product, or ritual is deemed bizarre, strange, or shocking, but rather beautiful and enlightening. Discovering unknown beauty treatments forges cultural understanding and allows us to share our most precious beauty practices, to celebrate and enhance our own features. One of the most fascinating traditions that we've encountered is the mepandes, a tooth-shaving ritual practiced in Bali. Learn more in our Bali issue!


What are the biggest beauty trends that you find around the world?

It's no secret that Korean beauty has quickly gone global. Skincare trends like sheet masks and triple cleansing have become staples in beauty regimens from Korea to Canada. Any skincare innovation out of Korea is likely to make a larger impact on the masses—and we're grateful for it! Additionally, the use of oils in hair and skincare are nearly universal. Whether brands source oils used in products from far-flung locations, or natives use fruit and nut oils from local farms to keep hydrated, new uses for oils will likely continue to crop up year after year.

How have you found that beauty regimens differ from country to country?

Though socioeconomic status and location can influence a person's beauty routine, a few desires remain the same across cultures. Almost all beauty enthusiasts are after strong, glossy hair and clear, soft skin. Whether it takes that botanic oil sourced from the local farm to promote lush strands, or a 12-step K-beauty skincare routine to keep breakouts at bay, is up to the individual and the possibilities that their hometowns allow.