Charlote Cho Created Her Dream Korean Beauty Product and It. Is. Everything!

As expected from the K-beauty buff

Photo:  Soko Glam

Photo: Soko Glam

After developing a case of adult acne, Charlotte Cho was determined to find a product that would help banish pesky hormonal blemishes as well as prevent the signs of aging. As a licensed aesthetician and co-founder and curator of Soko Glam, a leading retailer for Korean beauty products, Cho knew the exact ingredients that would do the trick. And so when the opportunity to create the ideal product presented itself, she opted to produce the K-beauty cult-favorite—a sheet mask.

Cho partnered with K-beauty brand Manefit to create Natural Gift: Green Tea Pore Care Sheet Mask, an antioxidant-rich gel mask infused with natural ingredients like green tea—as if the product name didn't give that away—and primrose extract. Known for its high caffeine content, soothing green tea helps combat redness associated with acne-prone skin while primrose helps to alleviate inflammation.

Another perk to the mask is its hydrogel formula which allows the ingredients to effectively penetrate the skin. Cho describes her previous experience using sheet masks, saying that she'd often end up with product dripping down her neck or onto her clothes. The combination of the hydrogel material and amount of essence in the Green Tea Pore Care Sheet Mask allows the product to stay put, leaving skin refreshed—not sticky—once removed.

Savvy entrepreneur that she is, Cho launched the product months ago without letting Soko Glam consumers know that she had a hand in formulating the mask. Why? "I simply wanted to hear unbiased reviews from real people," she writes on Soko Glam's blog, The Klog. "It was my first chance to play with product formulation and collaborate with a brand I trust, so what good would it be if I didn't get real feedback?"

And real, positive feedback is what she got. Before revealing her part in the new launch, Cho received comments from consumers calling the mask "top notch," and claimed that it created "smaller-looking pores." 

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