Tokyo Fashion Week’s Biggest Beauty Trends

Pink hair, bold lips, and bare lashes, oh my!

Trailing in after the glamourous New York, Paris, and Milan Fashion Weeks, international runway shows may often go unnoticed. However, Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo is always one to watch. This season, models took to Tokyo runways donning some especially crazy-cool beauty trends.

Invariably, the biggest beauty trend that was seen on many Tokyo runways for fall is bare lashes. If that comes as a surprise, you’re not alone. For decades—centuries even—Asian women have relied on mascara to curl, lengthen and add volume to their often, fine, straight lashes. Yet makeup artists backstage at Lithium, Ethosens, and Hanae Mori Manuscrit took an unexpected approach, opting to leave lashes untouched—no matter the length or texture of the models’ lashes.

As a contrast to bare lashes, some makeup artists swept shadows along models’ lids in shades of blue and metallic gold and copper. Others applied bold lips from vixen red to vampy plum.

For hair, stylists often went for a just-rolled-out-of-bed vibe. Crimpy waves and tousled updos consistently cropped up over the course of the week, which wrapped on March 25. The simplicity of the hair styles that dominated the runway complemented the casual fashion pieces that were showcased, with an influx of leather jackets layered over sweatshirts as seen at Chika Kisada and menswear-inspired boots at Growing Pains. Though every so often designers sent models down in wow-factor hairstyles like hot pink-tipped buzz cuts and waist-length dreads.

From bare lashes to bold lips and intricate updos, Tokyo Fashion Week did not disappoint. Get to dumping your mascara and pull out your most vibrant lipsticks in time for next fall.