Gwyneth Paltrow’s Latest Fragrance Is Inspired by Japanese...Sushi?

Yes, you read that right. 'Shiso' ($165) 'Shiso' ($165)

Gwyneth Paltrow is known to be somewhat of an anomaly. She typically ushers in the latest health food fads (we're talking bone broth, alkaline diets, supplements, and more), and she's one of the earlier celebs to bless her child with an non-traditional name (her eldest is Apple Martin). So, if anyone were to look at a piece of sushi and think: “This would make a great perfume,” it's Gwyneth.

Goop Eau De Parfum: Edition 02 Shiso ($165), the latest fragrance to the Goop collection, was inspired by a Japanese sushi leaf. For anyone unfamiliar with sushi, shiso is a culinary herb that wasabi sits typically sits on top of for a garnish.

No worries, the fragrance, although inspired by a traditional sushi additive, is no fishy scent. The perfume’s name is rather an homage to the herbaceous and spicy shiso note. The blend of shiso, oakmoss,and palo santo, makes for an earthy and light alternative to spring's expected florals.

True to Gwyneth's holistic approach to life and the ethos of the Goop brand, Shiso has added emotional benefits. Shiso is said to have stress-reducing and anxiety relieving properties, oakmoss, works as an aphrodisiac, and palo santo clears negative energy, anger, fear, and anxiety.

Shiso is also available in the form of a candle. Both the perfume and candle are available for purchase on