5 Sustainable Beauty Brands to Get Behind

Beauty brands that are doing their part to help save our planet. 

Sustainability is at the forefront of everyone’s minds these days and beauty retailers are picking up on it. For those of us who are beauty junkies, we know that sometimes the ingredients and packaging aren’t just harmful to our bodies; they're also harmful to the fragile ecosystem that we call our home.

Thankfully, a wide variety of sustainable beauty brands are out there to fulfill your every need. The cherry on top? Some of our tried-and-true brands fit the sustainability bill and we didn't even have a clue. Read all about them, here.


Burt’s Bees

From the minty-fresh lip balm in the iconic yellow tube, to face washes, hydrating moisturizers, and even lipsticks in an array of shades, Burt’s Bees is practically a household name. While a simple lip balm may not seem like much, Burt’s Bees is working toward lofty sustainability goals. In the brand's three production facilities, not a single piece of garbage is sent to the dump and its executives have outfitted each facility with energy-efficient lighting. Not only is Burt's Bees's production sustainable, its packaging mirrors the same sentiment. In some cases, as much as 50% of packaging excess has been cut and 89% is created out of recyclable materials. Who knew?


A brand that introduced us to nourishing Amazonian clay, Tarte is committed to creating all-natural and cruelty-free beauty products. From its poppy cheek stains, to bronzy self-tanners, no animals are harmed in the process of creating Tarte's product line and every gem is paraben, pthalate, and gluten-free.

On top of sustainable products, Tarte continually supports cooperatives in the rainforest and works to develop reusable and recyclable packaging components to help do their part in reducing environmental waste.


The Greek skincare line and apothecary Korres, is another brand, like Tarte, that collaborates with co-ops to work toward sustainability. Korres works with micro-farmers, agricultural unions, and educational and social institutions to educate on sustainable agriculture. The brand’s guiding principle since conception, has been to create products that are not only friendly to the skin, but also to the environment.


Arguably one of the most notable brands in hair care, Aveda has legions of dedicated customers. What many brand loyalists may not know is Aveda’s dedication to environmental sustainability. Its core principles for becoming an eco-conscious brand include reduction of waste, sustainable use of natural resources, and participating in community involvement that supports their vision and goal of maintaining a healthy planet. Keeping your hair healthy and keeping the environment healthy is at the core of Aveda's mission.

Josie Maran

“Luxury with a Conscience” is the tagline that Josie Maran uses to illustrate her mission of enhancing both the natural beauty of her customers and of the earth. With eco-friendly packaging and sustainably harvested ingredients, Josie Maran is working to keep the earth looking just as beautiful as her customers.

Photo: instagram.com/josiemarancosmetics

Photo: instagram.com/josiemarancosmetics