This Canadian Beauty Brand Believes Broccoli Could Save Your Hair

In Toronto, the green veggie is served by the bottle.

Home of RMS Beauty, Cargo, and most notably, MAC, Toronto has become the birthplace of some of the beauty industry’s most influential cosmetic companies. (Also—Drake.) But most recently, it’s an indie skin care company that drew our eye to the Canadian metropolis.

Graydon, the Toronto-based brand, boasts a range of products featuring botanic ingredients that are more familiar than you'd expect. Graydon relies on leafy greens and vegetables that you're more likely to find in your salad or green juice than in your face cream. And as the brand makes a foray into hair care, its dependence on plant-based nutrition continues. The star ingredient in Hair Smoothie ($18), a lightweight conditioner for example, is broccoli seed oil sourced from Canada’s own farms.

Rich in sulforaphane, broccoli’s detoxifying properties draw impurities from your hair. And paired with other invigorating green herbs like parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, the cleansing properties resume even after you shampoo. Fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants in the veggie also help hydrate and strengthen dry and damaged hair. Broccoli seed oil can even be considered a healthier alternative to harsh, heavy silicone. The nourishing oil instead softens and detangles hair without weighing it down or creating product buildup—a plus that especially benefits women with fine hair textures. 

Graydon has had a longstanding relationship with broccoli seed oil, incorporating the do-all ingredient into the brand’s cult-favorite moisturizer, The Green Cream ($27). Blended with aloe, avocado, chlorophyll, and olive oil, broccoli seed oil in this case, soothes irritated skin and helps firm and prevent signs of aging.

So, if you never could quite work broccoli into your diet, we hope Graydon’s made a case for incorporating it into your hair or skin care routine. No trip to the grocery store required.