MAC's Latest Collection Draws Inspiration from China

What happens when you combine Chinese mythology and a range of magnificent hues of pink and red? You wind up with a makeup line that is going to be a surefire showstopper.  

Photo: Courtesy, MAC

Photo: Courtesy, MAC

This April, MAC will introduce #MACMinLiu, a new collection that offers striking colors to sartorial trendsetters. The jaw-dropping range comes from fashion designer Min Liu of Ms Min, who masterfully translates her twist on Chinese traditionalism to a collection of bold cosmetics. "The inspiration that guided this collaboration came from an ancient masterpiece about Chinese mythology culture, spirituality and folklore in the presence of nature," says Liu. "Energy, like beauty in fashion, flows and shifts over time."  

Included in the collection is a bright peony pink lip-gloss, an eye shadow duo in vibrant pink and metallic silver, and a blush compact that features a design mimicking crashing waves as a call-out to oceanic energy. "When we first met, she brought a piece of fabric with indomitable red, deep peony pink and metallic details, which became the centerpiece of the collection’s design," says James Gager, MAC Cosmetics Senior Vice President and Creative Director. The colors featured in the collection symbolize Liu’s impression of the flow of energy that connects mountains, oceans, and "all of us."

Each of the colors packs a powerful punch that will no doubt leave the wearer feeling confident and sexy, exuding the very energy that inspired the collection. Perfect for spring and summer, the collection allows you to add something bright to your overall look while also providing a cool and trendy balance with muted metallics.

“I find fashion and beauty to be the collision of personal expression of self, today being different than tomorrow, capturing our yin and yang, and discovering our quiet and our riot,” says Liu. Whether you’re seeking quiet or riot, or, feeling more yin than yang, this collection is likely to be a winner. Check out the collection, available at, when it releases next month.