Christian Siriano Defines Italian Beauty

His muse? Jackie O' enjoying a cool Capri getaway in the late '60s.

Photo: Kevin Tachman via  @ChristianSiriano on Instagram

Photo: Kevin Tachman via @ChristianSiriano on Instagram

The bliss of a summer vacation lingers long after a traveler returns home. Fresh off of your own summer holiday, perhaps you can relate. Followers are still double-tapping photos of the scenic views that you snapped at the beach. Your skin has maintained that golden glow you love. And sure, there may be a few elements that have stuck around after your vacation that you could stand to lose—like those extra pounds that came with your care-free diet in paradise. But one woman's vacation withstands the test of time, and that's Jackie O's frequent travels to the Isle of Capri.

Mrs. O's visits to the Italian island in the late '60s and early '70s have been well documented—so much so that in 2011, Italian accessories brand Tod's created an exhibit dedicated to displaying photos of the former first lady frolicking about the island. In Capri, Mrs. O' adopted an effortless style sensibility, swapping her signature tailored skirt suits for bohemian head scarves and billowy blouses. For years, designers have drawn inspiration from her travels to Capri, and this year, Christian Siriano follows suit.

Though Siriano departed from the standard Capri sandals that Mrs. O' popularized during her trips, the American designer paid homage to her comfy-chic style during New York Fashion Week (NYFW) with a collection that blended floral patterns in Mediterranean red, teal, and orange hues, raffia accessories, striped patterns, and the trend-setter's oversized sunnies.

One of the most notable elements from the show was a bold faux manicure created by celeb nail tech, Gina Edwards. Though whimsical nail art made a comeback all over the runways this NYFW, the graphic designs seen at Christian Siriano are a Beauty Atlas favorite. Bright teal nails with black and white stripe accents complimented each outfit, from the designer's monochromatic dresses to his striped pant suits.

Best part: All of the supplies to recreate the mani can be found at your local drugstore. First, Edwards simply applies Kiss ImPress Gel Manicure in Big Flirt, then uses the brand's Design Perfection Nail Design Guides to strategically paint precise stripes along the nail—on the left hand, the stripes go on the left, while on the right hand, stripes are painted on the right side of the nail. Using the Nail Art Paints trio in Gala, Edwards paints vertical stripes along the tip of the nail and horizontal stripes on the side of the nail, alternating between black and white. She finishes the look with a coat of KSNY Gel Strong Nail Polish Top Coat and sends the models on their way. 

Fall might be right around the corner, but let's keep Jackie O's time in Capri alive with an Italian cool mani, shall we?