Could Powdered Cleansers Save Your Skin After a Long Flight?

That sounds about right!



To set the record straight,  it's true: Air travel does something funky to your skin. Even during the thick of summer, you may find yourself stepping off of a long flight and feeling like your skin is as dry as it is after a long, brutally cold winter. What exactly goes on at 30,000 feet? A few things.

Most importantly, the air on airplanes is extremely dry—Sahara desert-dry. Because of the lack of moisture in the air, your skin can become dull, ashy, and if the flight is long enough, potentially flaky, blotchy, and irritated. And in some cases, your skin may overcompensate for the unusual level of dryness by producing excess oils, causing pesky post-flight breakouts.

Additionally, flying at high altitudes can effectively jeopardize your summer glow. The elevated cabin pressure can decrease your blood flow and the lack of circulation stifles cell turnover, leaving your skin craving manual exfoliation.

With these factors compromising your skin's health, it’s important to have a strong line of defense. During your next trip, consider bringing a powdered cleanser along versus your traditional liquid, gel, or foam. Powders often offer gentle exfoliation properties that will slough away dead skin cells and promote the turnover you need after a long flight. Plus, they limit the anxiety that comes with worrying about whether your liquids will end up drenching your clothes after getting tossed around in transit. Here, a few powdered cleansers to try.