Top Facial Serums from Around the World

Just a few drops of these magical serums could transform your skin.

In fairly recent years, skincare enthusiasts from across the globe have adopted serums into their daily routines. After cleansing, they'll squeeze just a few hydrating droplets one by one into the palms of their hands and then gently massage the lightweight formula into their skin. With so many serums to choose from on the market, it’s important to know that each serum comes with a unique set of benefits. While some serums aim to brighten, others offer a moisture boost or increase skin elasticity.

Unlike often rich, traditional moisturizers, serums have a lighter consistency, making for a great makeup base without clogging pores. Additionally, the concentration of ingredients in serums is higher than that of moisturizers, increasing their intended benefits.

Our favorite part about serums is that they utilize ingredients native to all parts of the world, from argan oil of Morocco, rose oil from Egypt, or even willowherb, with roots in Canada. Since so many of these wonderful ingredients come form places far and wide, we've rounded up five serums from those hard-to-reach places.