Why This Photographer Captures Beauty from Around the World

Alexander Khimushin takes portraits of the "ordinary yet extraordinary."

Photo: khimushin.com

Photo: khimushin.com

When Alexander Khimushin first picked up his grandfather's camera at the age of nine, he never could have anticipated the impact the discovery would have on his life's trajectory.

Though he earned a degree in business administration, his passion for photography eventually inspired Khimushin, a frequent traveler, to trade a business career for one that would allow him to capture the locals he'd often meet along his travels. Since committing to a full-time career as a travel photographer, Khimushin has visited 84 countries, including some of the most remote corners of the globe.

As a solo traveler, Khimushin has had the privilege of developing an intimate relationship with the natives of every country that he's visited, harvesting a diverse portfolio of portraits of individuals of different cultures, races, religions, and tribes.

It's the subjects he's met along his travels that inspired Khimushin to launch his latest photo project, "The World in Faces." His goal for the project is to recognize groups whose identities are underrepresented as a result of globalization and discrimination. The idea was to capture diversity by taking portraits of people of different cultures to showcase their individual beauty. Khimushin has been working on the project for two years, and will continue to do so until he captures all ethnicities of the world, celebrating their unique beauty.

Photos from "The World in Faces." Visit khimushin.com to see the project in its entirety.