21 Beauty Products Made in Chicago

Bringing beauty to the city straight from the city-dwellers themselves. 

Shopping locally doesn’t just mean picking up fresh produce at the neighborhood farmer’s market or opting to patron a new coffee shop in your neighborhood over the usual Starbucks. Today, crafty residents make it easy to reform your beauty routine with products blended and infused within city limits. Some local brands come from cult-favorite Chicago shops, spas, and salons like Ruby Room, Mojo Spa and Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique, while others, like Hidden Folk and Soap Distillery, are masterfully handmade at home by the founders. Each of these brands has a different origin story, which makes them not only fun to try, but equally fun to learn about. Whatever your preference, each product is created with the same Midwestern charm that is etched in the DNA of the spectacular metropolis. Below, the stories behind a few standouts.