3 Desert-proof Hairstyles to Rock for Coachella

‘Dos to get you through Coachella this year.

Partying in a desert surrounded by the world’s most popular musicians, your favorite celebs, and women from across the globe clad in bohemian sartorial ensembles, sounds like an ethereal mirage. But for those attending the first round of Coachella in Indio, California this weekend, it’s a thrilling reality. Three days in the desert, however, doesn’t come without a major beauty caveat—or three. Heat, blistering wind, and lots of dust can quickly disrupt any plans you have for a polished hairstyle. Here, three styles that will keep your hair in place so that all you have to focus on is dancing along to your favorite tunes.

A funky fishtail

It’s been a while since fishtail braids hit their peak, but bring the whimsical style back for Coachella with a fun twist. Shay Mitchell chose to match her cotton candy eye makeup with a pink ombré braid. To add another unexpected detail, she wove in a piece of silver tinsel. Whatever your style, a braid allows you to participate in the boho vibe of the weekend while preventing the dust and wind from turning your hair into a tangled mess.

A tight topknot

The best way to keep your hair stylishly out of the way is to throw it up into a tight topknot. Keeping the bun on the top of your head, rather than at the crown, will create a fun and playful look while maintaining a style that will stay put while you jump and jive.

Photo: instagram.com/yarashahidi

Photo: instagram.com/yarashahidi

A curly pony 

Opting for a high pony, a little higher than the crown of your head, can be the perfect way for women with natural hair to finish their look. This style is the ultimate time-saver as there is no emphasis on making the updo polished or slick—the more texture, the better.

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