Mexico's Scorpion Nail Trend Makes Its Way to the States

Now that's a real stinger.

In Durango, Mexico scorpions are so easily found that they are the state's symbol. In souvenir shops scorpions adorn keychains, clocks, shot glasses, and more. While in salons, the deadly animals are the latest nail accessory. Manicurist Anna Soto, whose husband is from Durango, has brought the trend stateside, applying scorpions to her clients' nails at her California-based studio. Soto spoke with Beauty Atlas to share her process. Watch, below.

Soto starts by applying a layer of acrylic onto nail extensions. (Though the scorpions are dead, their tails are still poisonous so natural nails are not advised.) She then places the scorpion onto the nail with glue. Once dry, Soto coats the nail with another layer of clear acrylic. Finally, she finishes the look with a sheer topcoat.  

While countries like Korea are exalted for various beauty trends, Soto believes Mexico may be a region to watch. "[Mexican nail technicians] are very creative," she says. "I love how they aren't afraid to try new things—like these scorpion nails, for example!" 

The daring trend is often a popular look among those who identify with the Scorpio zodiac sign but Soto encourages anyone to give it a try. "Anybody can rock scorpion nails. There's no limit to the trend."

Soto, whose manicures last for up to three weeks, also assures us that her scorpion mani is risk-free. "There's no way the scorpion can come out unless you soak it off."

Would you attempt the scorpion nail trend? Let us know in the comments!