The Korean Nail Trend That Throws Major Shade

Sunglass Nails: Match your mani to your Ray-Bans.

By now you're aware that some of the biggest innovations in makeup and skin care hail from Korea. In recent years, K-beauty has introduced us to BB cream, sheet masks, cushion compacts, and more, changing our daily beauty regimens for the better. The most recent trend to surface from the region however, proves that Korea is one to watch in the nail realm.

During a recent trip to the beauty mecca, celeb manicurist and creative director at NYC boutique nail art studio Paintbox, Julie Kandalec spotted a metallic nail reminiscent of the finish on a pair of mirrored sunglass lenses. Kandalec took to Instagram to share a snapshot of the tip, coining the term: "sunglass nails," and not before long, the look became a new fall fave.

Just like the classic accessories that inspire their name, sunglass nails are perfect for fall—dark (without being too expected like the season's standard mahogany and berry polishes), yet convey a sophisticated playfulness unlike over-the-top nail art. The best part? Sunglass nails are not as complicated to recreate as they look. Kandalec tells Refinery29 that fine pigments are used to create an iridescent effect for a similar chrome finish, which can get messy. "To me, this looks more like a single nail covering, which would make it a one-step process," she says.

We can't wait to try the look ourselves. In the meantime, we're booking an appointment at Paintbox for "Street Cred," the salon's latest chrome design created using a blend of metallic glitter and iridescent foils.